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Original magazine:

Original title: Nuova forma di vendita del calore. Le Energy Service Companies (E.S.Co),
Author/s: Andrea Bressi
Original magazine: Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi
Original language: Italian
Nationality: Italy
Publication date: 2010/December-2011/January
Original key words: Legno-energia, contracting, E.S.Co

English version:

English title: The Energy Service Companies (E.S.Co): new ways for the factory farms to sale heat
English key words: -
Translator/s: -

Euformag product:

Title translation: Noves formes de venda de calor. Les empreses de serveis energètics (ESE)
Translator/s: -
Magazine: Silvicultura
Translation type: Traduzione letterale
Language: Catalan
Nationality: Spain
Publication date: 2012 - First semester
E-mail: -
Notes: Article chosen from the EUFORMAG database
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