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Original magazine:

Original title: Influences du grain, de l’espèce de chênes et de leur provenance sur l’élevage des vins
Author/s: Jean-Henry d’Orglandes, David Lenoir, Henri Husson
Original magazine: Forêt entreprise
Original language: French
Nationality: France
Publication date: 2007 - March
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English version:

English title: The effect of oak species, rapidity of growth and geographical area on wine refinement
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Euformag product:

Title translation: Caratteristiche del legno e affinamento del vino
Translator/s: Paolo Mori
Magazine: Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi
Translation type: Traduzione letterale
Language: Italian
Nationality: Italy
Publication date: 2012 - April
Notes: Internationally there is a great demand for French Quercus robur and Quercus petraea. The wine sector is constantly evolving and the wine producers are trying to obtain more and more high quality wines. The need of wood for barrels is strong, but the determination of the best woods for wine refinement is yet to be scientifically established. The “Chenes ORIGINE et vins” Association is carrying on a research on wood barrels quality and valorization (traceability). The article presents some outcomes about the effect of French oaks barrels on wine refinement.
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