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Original magazine:

Original title: Création d’un fonds privé pour la prévention des dégâts de cervidés en forêt
Author/s: Pascal Ancel, Jacques Gery
Original magazine: Forêt entreprise
Original language: French
Nationality: France
Publication date: 2013 - May
Original key words: -

English version:

English title: Damage from cervids in forest. Agreement between hunters and foresters to prevent them
English key words: Wildlife, silviculture, damage caused by debarking, hunting activities, cervid, private monetary fund, France
Translator/s: -

Euformag product:

Title translation: Danni dei cervidi in foresta. Accordo tra cacciatori e selvicoltori per prevenirli
Translator/s: Paolo Mori
Magazine: Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi
Translation type: Articolo adattato
Language: Italian
Nationality: Italy
Publication date: 2013 - September
Notes: This article reports an experience started in 2011 and related to management actions to limit the damage from cervids on forest stocks in Donon (France). The authors, as well as describing some silvicultural techniques targeted, show the activities of collaboration between stakeholders who have formed a private monetary fund dedicated to forest management operations.
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