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Leading article - working document

WELCOME to EUFORMAG,  European network of forest magazines …

New logo, new acronym, in a European landscape where they are already so numerous, is it really a good idea ?
For the partners of that network, the answer is YES, of course.

Starting from the simple and shared conviction that there is a wide range of forest magazines in Europe, and that quite a lot of the articles published by those magazines are likely to interest others readers, out of their respective frontiers.

And that it is possible then - and desirable - to share part of this common publishing resource, and to open a sort of window on Europe. To enrich concretely our readers’ knowledge with the  practices and actions identified at a European scale, to better appreciate some varied implementations and outputs from different projects, to better identify stakeholders, to facilitate networking, and why not, some common initiatives.


Clearly, regarding our respective readers and our publishing orientations, our choice will be to focus on articles dealing with practical issues concerning forest management (technical or governance aspects), more particularly private forests, and raising a strong transnational interest.

Knowing that in these present days where funding become sparse, or very costly to mobilize in time and energy, we resolutely bet on a modest and flexible appliance. And on the simple use of our existing resources.

As a matter of fact, each magazine only undertakes to provide at least 2 articles a year
to the members’ pool, both in its own national language and in English. And to publish yearly at least 2 articles from its partners. Each of them following its own usual publishing timetable.

An agreement defines the modalities of that collaboration among the network, and an intranet site allows the partners to concretely organize this articles exchange, and  provide them a forum to facilitate the process.

We of course strongly hope that this project will meet our readers’interest - forest managers and owners particularly, and also technicians and engineers of extension and support services, stakeholders and decision makers, who might find in this new column, signs of this commitment. By advance, we thank them for their feed-back and suggestions

In this very first launching step, we present hereafter the founders magazines. Knowing that new partners, we hope so, might join us soon, as our wish is to keep the network definitely open
We wish you an excellent reading

The publishing team


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