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Original magazine:

Original title: Martelage en traitement irrégulier: une clé pour démarrer
Author/s: Bruno Vanstaevel, Yann Mozziconacci
Original magazine: Forêt entreprise
Original language: French
Nationality: France
Publication date: 2010
Original key words: Selvicoltura, trattamento irregolare, martellata, chiave dicotomica, Francia

English version:

English title: Tree marking in forests with irregular structure. Starting with a dichotomous key.
English key words:

Euformag product:

Title translation: Martellata in boschi a struttura irregolare. Una chiave dicotomica per iniziare
Translator/s: Paolo Mori
Magazine: Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi
Translation type: Traduzione letterale
Language: Italian
Nationality: Italy
Publication date: 2011
Notes: Forêt enteprise n° 195 Novembre 2010. Is it difficult to do a tree marking when the forest has an irregular structure? In this paper, and in the following one, we present a logical way, in the guise of a dichotomous key, built in France, in order to ease the learning and to understand what we need to focus on when we are in the forest and in which order the main elements have to be considered.
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